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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

The northern part of the municipality, as well as the western part, coinciding with the Adeje pine mass, is inside the Natural Summit Park (Parque Natural de Cumbres). It is an area of a notable mass of Canary Island pine, with other outstanding botanical species and a unique fauna, together with its geomorphologic values as well as its striking landscapes.

The Canary Island pine s reach the municipal capital. In the areas of highest altitude, together with the Spanish broom there are codesos and tree lucernes, that give way to other bush species or to relics of cedar trees. Also important is the expanse occupied by the almond trees.

In Lomo Gordo, two great and unique examples of the Pinus canariensis grow, the Fat Pine (Pino Gordo) that is 60 m in height and has a circumference of 11 m and the Mother of Water Pine (Pino de Madre de Agua) that is 70 m tall and has a circumference of 8 meters.

Natural Protected Spaces

Red Mountain Natural Monument

Ifonche Protected Landscape

Teide National Park

Forest Crown Natural Park


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