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It was anciently known by the name of Chasna, which was the head of the large Abona district. The story goes that it owes its name to the Spanish exclamation on encountering a beautiful native girl: “I saw the flower of Chasna!” ("Vi la flor de Chasna").

There is a settlement in this municipality on the right margin of the River Canyon where pieces of ceramic and “tabonas” have been found, confirming its pre-Hispanic past,

The temple, dedicated to San Pedro, became a church at the beginning of the XVI century. The founding of the temple in 1550, is owed to don Pedro Soler and his wife doña Juana Padilla, and later on it was elevated to the rank of parochial church in 1560.

Hermano Pedro de Betancourt, founder of the Bedlamites Order, was born in Vilaflor. He was canonised in the year of 2002 by the Pope John Paul II.

In 1798 Arona and San Miguel separated from Vilaflor by establishing their own parochial churches.

Places of Interest Historical

Los Soler House

Built in the XV century and rebuilt in the XVIII century.

Historical quarters of Vilaflor

Temple of Hermano Pedro . La Zarza

Temple of San Roque

Year of 1614

Church and Convent of the Bedlamites Order

Church of San Pedro Apostle.

Located on top of the ancient temple. Founded by the Soler family and related to this family name throughout the years. Its facades and respective fronts are very interesting. It lacks a tower although it has a vertical body with a bell gable. Inside, it preserves jewellery and images of great artistic value, such as the image of San Pedro, attributed to many people. There is a beautiful example of Moresque panelling.

Settlement of Casas Altas. Arona and Vilaflor


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